Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Classic Spiritual Scripture

We have come to understand something remarkable about how we can approach ancient Scriptures and teachings. Essentially all valid revealed information was channeled. This is something that we now understand and have experience with enough to know that it is a real transmission from a physical second tier spirit to a third tier human conduit.

What has become clear as well is that the content is generally the same with the same concerns only modified through the skill of the recipient and not particularly through skills of the spirit.  However the spirit works to teach up to the limits imposed by current human limitations.  Obviously a text rendered in a language having only a thousand words will struggle alongside a text rendered in English.

At the same time the recipient needs to be well versed in the potentialities of language as well in order to properly transcribe the content. It allows the spirit more flexibility.

In short it is a complex collaboration between the two.

The obvious reward though is that much of wisdom literature can be set aside because present day channelers are actually now doing way better sharing the same information.  That still leaves the particular risk of channeling a truly bad spirit actor.  Critical thinking is still a necessity.

However much of our revered scripture is actually given with the intent to help us.  Much that is channeled is also obvious as well.  All this provides a far more secure perspective when working through material. You know when the writer is struggling outside the original intent.

Theosophy launched the popular investigation of Indian scriptures and many serious scholars have taken that stream forward as well.  This and the various streams of Christianity in particular are all well critiqued.  yet the underlying doctrines stand up and the new information now available is a richer understanding of the other side which is now available.

We live in an age in which all this is been drawn together into a common tentative consensus and this can be respected so long as we understand the importance of channeled content in forming these sources.

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