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Salvia Divinorum Meditation Training Protocol

 We have a communication here which provides us with an extremely valuable protocol.  Making progress on meditation is typically slow and obviously discouraging.  In my own case, it has taken years to achieve sufficient progress to allow me to actually believe in what i was doing.  Most folks simply lack the patience.  

Now we have a safe and credible protocol using a plant that is already known mostly for assisting in meditation and not necessarily for a drug high.  I warn you though that the item below describes using a quid which will seriously impair the user. Do not use a quid!!!

Our informant shows us that merely using one to three leaves every week or so is sufficient to allow you to naturally train and develop your meditation skills.  This is important because it informs us that we only need a small amount to linger in the blood stream for it to be effective for a sustained period of time..

I would join a meditation practice on a weekly basis and consume one to three leaves beforehand.  Even the night before before sleeping would work well.

There is no evidence of addiction or other unwanted side effects.

 In response to the item posted below we have this advice from my informant.

You see these are instructions for someone that wants to get high . A Quid is usually 3 to 20 leaves
I'm talking about using 1 to 3 at most to train for meditation and I would say do it in nature outside


Original Communication


thanks for getting Back to me Ok this is the situation I'm Talking about A plant that is very powerful .

But if you chew it in very small amounts to the degree that you really don't think it did anything at all. but you have a revelation after the fact that it did slightly effect you . then your taking it in the proper amount to train your Brain to enter an altered state in just 3 breaths. I did not mention its name because everyone missuses it .

I'm Talking about Salvia divinourm . I was growing 100 and some plants in my Green house and I would dry the leaves sometimes I would have to many leaves to dry and I would just chew say one or two . Not trying to get high just because they are so Bitter that I knew they were probably Good for me.

But once in awhile I would have a very straight experience maybe noticing the life force of a object or a tree .

I would communicate with it thinking it was completely normal . I would feel 100% normal.

Well I did this about once a week for about 3 months sometimes a reaction very slight other time seemed to be nothing . but I always practiced meditation but one day I progressed into an amazing ability to meditate and it went on for years as long as I chewed a leaf or 2 every 3 weeks. I am in Ecuador now and I do not have access to salvia here and my ability to meditate has diminished noticeably. But I am doing more Yoga and sun gazing than I ever did in the states. I Dryed many pounds of the leaves thinking someday I would teach people this amazing plant .

the practice is so gentile you would not have a problem telling your grandma to do it.

This is a very Good way to awaken anyone no Matter how scared they are of Plant induced experience.

The whole secret is to be so mild with the plant that your brain can cause the effect on its own it actually trains you to do it .. The meditations are much stronger than the plant sessions.

Their you have it Robert No bone anywhere on the net has ever discussed this I am completely certain you can take a very Low vibrational being and awaken them very gently with this method . people who have struggled all their Life to meditate and get nowhere this will break the BArrier without any pain or discomfort

Feel free to contact me if you need more info


Effects of Salvia divinorum

Caution: The effects of Salvia divinorum will impair coordination and common motor skills such as walking and speaking. Do NOT attempt to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of Salvia. You will not be able to see the road clearly and will most likely crash.

For first-time users it is highly recommended to have a sober sitter present. This is for the safety of the Salvia user as he/she may try to walk around while in an intense dreamlike state and may accidentally trip and fall or otherwise injure himself/herself.

With proper use of Salvia divinorum you will experience anywhere from a mild buzz to a full blown mindtrip. When paired with meditation this herb provides a perfect way to exlore the inner-workings of your consciousness, and without harming your body in the process.
Effects of Salvia Include:

a strong connection with the universe or inanimate objects
continuous laughing
a sensation of being pushed or pulled to one side
a perceived presence of a spiritual deity or being

An average trip using extracted leaf (5x, 10x, 20x, etc.) will last from 3-10 minutes, depending on the amount you use. A comedown of 15-30 minutes will follow the intense visual experience. During the comedown you will regain skills like walking and speaking and your eyesight will return to normal. Some users report having a small headache after a Salvia trip, but this is uncommon and will of course go away within minutes.

Salvia does not produce a body tolerance which means you can experience the same effects without having to increase dosage size. This is perhaps Salvia's highest-regarded quality because it allows the user to take another hit as soon as the previous wears off, resulting in multiple visions one after another.

For higher doses the effects of Salvia divinorum will of course be amplified. Expect visions similar to vivid dreams one has while in the deepest of sleep: they feel so real that you think it is actually happening, then you wake up. Salvia is exactly like this. It will literally send you to another reality where the most basic of laws like gravity and time simply do not exist.

Contact with entities and spirts is a common experience amongst users, the most famous being contact with a female "presence" known as Lady Salvia. Each experience is unique to the user just as a thumbprint is unique to an individual. You will never have the same exact experience twice.

Effects of Salvia Chewing

When chewing Salvia (a quid) the effects are much more mild and can last from 30-60 minutes. A quid is a rolled up cylinder-shape group of leaves (usually 3-20 leaves) which is put between your gum and lip like chewing tobacco. Use fresh Salvia divinorum leaves if possible. If using dried leaves be sure to soak in water for 10 mintues before using. The leaves stay put between gum and lip and are absorbed, while the juices are swallowed. This method is recommended for first-time Salvia users since it gives the basic feeling without overwhelming the user.

Remember that Salvia divinorum is not a social drug like Cannabis or alcohol. It is used primarily to aid in meditation because it is consciousness-altering, perception-altering, and behavior-altering (but only for a few minutes). The effects of Salvia divinorum will make you unable to communicate with other people for a few minutes, which can be uncomfortable for some.

Always make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings before using Salvia. Ideally there will be no distractions (such as music, tv, etc.) while using Salvia. The effects of Salvia will be lessened when there are distractions in the room. A darkened room or blindfold will create the best results visually. This allows your brain to create your experience without the distraction of seeing the physical world around you. Think of it like having an out-of-body experience: closed eyes are a must.

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