Monday, March 7, 2016

POWERFUL Meme Reveals HARD TRUTH About Muslims and Islam


Radical Islam is no religion any more than NAZISM was  Christianity or for that matter Arian PAGANISM.

That a large constituency within our own society actually stands up to support these whores is first astonishing and really insane. As insane as your sixteen year old daughter  dashing of to Syria to fight Jihad and expecting a good outcome other than an awfully painful and humiliating way to commit suicide.

These same whores, where they stand up today in support of NAZISM would be hounded into jail.  That they choose to support barbarism at all makes you wonder just who failed to teach them anything.

Islam needs to be expunged of those teachings that fail to conform with Christianity forthwith.   Those teachings were inserted originally to achieve a purely contemporary Barbarian advantage.  Only Satan would think that they apply today.


POWERFUL Meme Reveals HARD TRUTH About Muslims and Islam

V. Saxena reports that every single day, Islamic radicals throughout the world commit grievous acts of rape, torture and murder in the name of their religion. And every single day, liberal Islamic apologists try their hardest to divert attention from these atrocities and instead pin the blame on Western culture.

This foolishness stops TODAY!

Like John Hayward wrote for Breitbart, “Our culture as-is, our Constitution as written, makes ample room for every religious tradition, including some quite extreme ones … provided they keep their hands to themselves, refrain from imposing their views on others, and don’t demand our system be rewritten to handle their special demands.”

Radical Islam, on the other hand, seeks to impose its doctrines (Shariah law) on everybody else; anyone who fails to comply simply gets blown to smithereens.

This distinction alone ought to clear up exactly why Islam is the problem, but instead it inspires liberals to try and “understand the grievances of the people who threaten us with death for drawing cartoons of Mohammed” and then “rewrite our silly First Amendment to accommodate them”:

What did we do wrong to make so many people hostile? Let’s begin with the Crusades, and make an exhaustive list!

So instead of standing up for American exceptionalism, American values and we the American people, the clinically brain-dead species of life known as the liberal chooses to impugn us for somehow being in the wrong.

Thus, immediately after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, liberals released a series of columns castigating us for having allegedly driven radical Muslims to attack with all our “anti-Muslim hatred” and “Islamophobia.”

But this grossly irrational rhetoric sounds no different than a rapist attempting to blame his victim by accusing her of having dressed in a provocative way and thus ‘coerced’ him into attacking and raping her.

Furthermore, Bryan Ballas, a writer for Salon (of all outlets), published a compelling piece last week in which he admitted “the Left Has an Islam problem” (H/T NewsBusters):

There’s a persistent taboo on the Left which demands that every incident of terror be attributed to American foreign politics … [b]ut Islamists aren’t killing cartoonists because the U.S. invaded Iraq. And ISIS isn’t exterminating the Yazidis because of America’s sordid relationship with Saudi Arabia.

… [I]f you think ISIS is merely a reaction against U.S. foreign policy, you’re dangerously misguided.

… Their hatred of infidels and their belief in martyrdom and armed Jihad have a scriptural basis, and it’s dishonest to pretend otherwise.

While it comforts me to see some liberals finally begin to recognize radical Islam for what it is, I suspect with great confidence that these few mortals represent a tiny minority among the left, where the desire to deny the truth runs deeper than the ocean.

Plus, I know for a fact that the refreshing thinking displayed by Ballas has certainly not yet reached the White House, where President Barack Obama and his cronies — Secretary of State John Kerry, for starters — continue to exist in a “kumbaya” utopia where peace, love, understanding and of course jobs can and will magically solve everything.

I cannot say for certain what will actually solve the problem of radical Islam, but I can say with full assurances what will not solve it: Denying that it even exists.

The fact of the matter is that radical Islam exists, and radical Islam is a problem. More importantly, the blame for radical Islam lies not with Western culture, but with Islam itself!

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