Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dwarf Folk and Abducted Toddlers.


Dwarf Folk and Abducted Toddlers.

This is presently more a speculation than a terribly viable conjecture.  What we are dealing with is a pattern of clearly abducted or at least mentally controlled very young children who then march off to great distances without any apparent assistance.  However, it appears that they must be carried rather sooner than later and this conforms to our expectation that actual mind control is a short range phenomena.

What is more indicative is that these abductions occur in locales where human intervention can normally be ruled out.  In fact it was the high levels occurring in national parks that alerted investigator David Pilates to the problem as such.  He then made it his career for the past decade to collect and investigate the circumstances as best as possible. That is why it is possible to discern actual patterns at all.

Just recently, reading one of David's books i came across a nineteenth century report involving a ten year old girl missing for a day and recovered at some distance on a bank in the middle of a river. She reported sleeping that night with a 'bear'.  This is not likely with a bear but highly likely with a Sasquatch then unknown.  This is my first such eye witness report confirming the dening up of these children.  It turns out that we have other such verbal reports ignored usually

The reason i say this is that the physical evidence is always the same.  the body is scratched and cut from been forced through brush.  What is also missing is significant damage to the feet.  Walking several miles in your bare feet is not possible without heavy damage to a tender foot.  In fact foot condition is certain confirmation of a carry. Try it yourself.  In fact, taking shoes off is a certain way to prevent a captive from running off.  Most of these incidents have their shoes removed.

Thus been carried by an adult Sasquatch or something similar makes sense.  Yet these abductions are not related to simply having a meal.  to the contrary, it appears to be an attempt to add a child to what must be a band of primates.  This is a currently rare human behavior but was endemic among hunter gatherers.  We do have the Sasquatch and that makes an excellent prospect and I do suspect that the Sasquatch has been responsible many times.

However, we find scant evidence of it been a Sasquatch in the majority of cases as something that big can and will leave spoor to be discovered.  Thus it makes much more sense that we are dealing with smaller primates instead that would leave child like spoor. Again recall that we are also dealing with a mental capability that we gave up 45,000 years ago.  This allows the creature to approach a human group and to persuade them to avoid looking directly at it.  Great for hunting and stalking when all animals have the same talent to some degree or other.

It has also allowed these primates to operate around human society with impunity.  They do use caves as much as possible as well.  They are small enough  to simply enlarge animal dens of convenience with little risk of collapse.

As posted in the past, we do have such creatures in our fossil records.  They would mostly be under four feet in height and protected by fur.  This makes a natural deep cave very attractive as the temperature would be almost constant throughout the year. We do have cause to understand that Sasquatch use caves as well for the same reasons.  All this actually finally explains why we almost never see Sasquatch bands but mostly see single individuals out foraging. 

Understanding the use of mental suppression and true cave habitats pretty well explains why we have never actually run down any such dawn primate family group.  They can slip into a cave and we certainly are  not going to follow until able to mount an expedition long after they have moved.

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