Friday, March 4, 2016

Alien Triangles?

This is an excellent eye witness report.  I have little doubt that we are looking at and have been seeing a huge craft able to control gravity.   These particular types of reports began emerging in the past ten years and have become much more common.  The craft operate at night to prevent actual visuals and way too much speculation.

This report, the pilot decided to have fun and turned on the running lights.  We also heard the noise of the internal power plant that such a system will need.

More to the point, this is a Craft made by us.  All the extras beg just that and no alien technology at all.  The smaller craft seen over the decades are certainly alien for the most part mostly because we simply do not have the technology even today to work close to that level of needful precision.  However mere gravity control allows us to build flying battleships and these suckers likely gain propulsion using good old jet engines.
 Disclosure is surely coming soon..
Canada Alien Triangle over Ontario

Walpole Island — It was an unusual warm night with fog on the river, when it should be cold on December 19, 2015. The fog stayed close to the ground reaching a few stories high. I drove the rural way home along the river from the store. When I was getting very close to home, I noticed a cluster of three orange lights very close to me right on the river. This cluster of orange lights was about helicopter height. There was no structure to support the lights that could see due to the fog. They looked exactly the same color and size like the streetlights on my road except that I was looking at a cluster of three lights. The orange lights stayed stationery as I drove down my road and parked in my driveway.

No structure was present as to why the lights would be there. It started moving slowly closer to me. I ran the short distance to get my sister to come outside and look at “this big plane”. There is frequent unusual activity in the sky here so she came running out. We witnessed a giant black triangle shape revealing itself over my neighbor’s house… The triangle backed up a little bit, and then traveled descending directly at me. It was at tree top-level and might be going to crash? I was scared and wanted to run. My sister looked up to see it just as it started to travel toward us. It was not a flat and was several stories in height. It was flat black and way larger than a football field. It was enormous and so close, detail was clear of its structure, size and lights.

It turned on its bottom lights on its way over to my yard. Outlining the craft were small white lights with three sets of red/green lights. In the middle was a large triangle area of what looked like white LED glowing lights. The pattern of these white lights was indescribable. As the front of the triangle arrived at my yard, it started emitting this loud hydraulic engine type of roaring noise and bumpy sounding. I’m familiar with hydraulic engine sounds as to the many boats on our river make those sounds. I had heard that same loud engine noise travel the entire sky a few weeks ago. It scared me as it flew directly overhead, but my sister watched it. I looked up at it after several seconds, as the white lights glowed and it was moving very slowly just over us. I got a good look but don’t know how to describe the white lights in the middle of the craft. Maybe it was a transparent area as well as being lit up. She yelled,“Get out of here”. The craft’s noise was loud enough that I could not hear her yelling at it I hope that’s what made it go away. We watched it until the end of the triangle shape went over us. Its sound and lights stopped after it went over us. The black triangle disappeared into the black night. We still marvel over seeing this triangle and talk about it every day. I have a mixture of feelings; it was a major event for me. Note: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ Website

New Jersey Triangle

Jobstown — I was driving home from campus, it was right after 8:30 pm, and I was on the road I live on, which is a back road, about five miles outside McGuire Fort Dix Joint military base on February 12, 2016. In the sky, I saw three bright lights overtop of the trees that line the side of the road. I approached going about 45 mph; I thought it was weird how low that plane seemed to be. The three lights were large, right above the tree line, and hovering. I stopped at the bottom of the local farm’s driveway, at the most only 40 feet away from the triangular flying object. I was scared for a second because I knew they saw me, and they knew I was slowing down to get a better look. Through the tree line, I tried to identify the tail, which would have to be the back light, because the ship was facing the road at about a 45 degree angle, with the two bright lights on either side where I would have thought the wings would have been were facing toward me at an angle.

It did not appear to be a normal plane, nor was it behaving like any plane I have ever heard of before. This was about 5 miles outside of Joint Base MDL, on the Fort Dix side of the base. Even though I live so close to the base, planes are not that common above this road. This ship was about 3 to 4 stories off the ground, right above the tree line. I grabbed my phone to try to get a picture, but couldn’t turn and use my phone. In the minute it took me to turn around, I could still see the brightness cast from the three lights. As soon as I had fully turned around to see it straight on again, it was gone in a second. It went from hovering, to gone. I was in complete shock because I was still trying to convince myself that this was a small plane. I drove forward for maybe another 30 seconds before I stopped my car to search the sky. I saw faint lights way off in the distance. It was cloudy tonight so I hadn’t seen any stars or other planes before viewing these lights.

I knew that those three lights were the lights 2-3 miles away. I sat in my car for a few seconds still in disbelief, trying to come up with another explanation for what I saw, but I could not. No plane, or military plane comes off base and decides to hover over a random line of trees, I lived here for over 8 years once my dad retired as a high-ranking officer from the military. The sighting lasted under 5 minutes, and once the lights were barely visible I turned back around and drove the 1/4 mile home. I went straight in to find my dad and ask him what that space ship could have been if it belonged to the military. He said maybe a drone, but it was the size of a small plane and hovered in the same spot for at least 2 minutes. No drone I have ever heard of can disappear from sight in one second. Rendering of similar French UFO Thanks to MUFON CMS

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