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Understanding Missing Persons in the Wilderness

This is drawn from the site created by David Paulides who has chronicled as many disappearances as possible across North America.  These are the recent ones and are representative.  Now we get down to my observations and pattern interpretation drawn on my ongoing study of the two major creatures out there capable of hunting a human being.  I have now read a fair cross section of these reports and we are going to create three classifications.

Class A:     I reserve this class for what can be described as the expected cause.  This includes foul play by human, misadventure or accident and getting lost.  In the wilderness foul play can usually be ruled out as simply implausible.  That really leaves an accident or getting lost.  Both are surprisingly common and serious risks regardless of how experienced you are.  A simple fall or stumble can lead to a cut on a sharp stone that opens an artery.  It has happened.  However these victims are usually found easily.  At least you are not going anywhere.  Getting lost is way trickier.  It can take some time to discover that you are lost and even thirty minutes will take you a couple miles in  any damn direction.  Add in an attempt to recover and you add additional miles quite easily.  Yet there are natural channels as well to help searchers.

A warning though.  In rough country, a few paces forward and downhill and all sign of roads can disappear.  Also even with visible landmarks, it is possible for your brain to turn it all around.  It is imperative to have a topological map with you and to know how to use it always.  Pretend you are prospecting and want to locate samples.  a compass is helpful provided you have that topo map.  Never rely on your memory..

Class B        The second class is abduction of a young male child by the Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  This has nothing to do with predation  but has to do with adding to the Bigfoot band.  The child is grabbed and swiftly removed from the locale through usually heavy country.  Since the creature can easily travel three to six miles inside an hour, it is swiftly outside any reasonable search radius.

Since victims have been recovered both alive and dead it is generally clear that an effort had been made to nurture the child with some food if several days had passed.  It is noteworthy that when the child dies of exposure, his body is often brought back to a searched locale or to a location where it may be discovered.  This may then lead to animal consumption if the body is not discovered right away.

This behavior has been confirmed by native reports as well.  It is also noteworthy that the Sasquatch is able to mentally confuse at least one caregiver to allow the abduction.

The number of such abductions turn out to be far greater than i had suspected.  This means we need to generate a response to this problem.  My sense is that we can communicate with them and create a working relationship that will end this problem.  This now needs to be done as there are far too many victims.  Unfortunately the powers that be have been clams.  .  .

Class C      This is the bad news.  It is worse than that as it takes fully grown men who are completely comfortable in the woods.  It has taken a lot that are confirmed and likely many never determined.  Again i suspected as much from its obvious potential but now i have the relevant data.  This creature is the Giant Sloth.  What we have learned is a lot.

It is an ambush hunter and likely kills by twisting the victim's neck.  I would have expected it to use its foot claws but obviously not.  It then carries the body and any other evidence as well at least three miles away to avoid searchers.  It then strips the body and possibly has its first meal. It then takes the rest of the body to its cache.  It usually takes off  the head and possibly eats the brain.  It may have the ability to use its jaws to crush bones but there is really no evidence of that and it should not be missing.

At its cache, the meat becomes a maggot farm.  This animal is clever and able to manipulate its paws sufficiently to unfasten clothing.  This is also unexpected.

Misssing persoms in the wilderness 2015.

Susan McLean- 61 years
Missing 5/17/15
Moness Resort-Scotland
Found- Deceased

Susan was vacationing with her family and went for a walk at their resort during a foggy and raining afternoon. She disappeared. There was an extensive search utilizing helicopters, dive teams, marine units, mountain rescue teams and canines. The search did not produce any relevant facts. On Saturday, August 15, a volunteer searcher found Susan’s body. An August 19, 2015 article on WPXI’s website stated the following, “They say her body was found just feet off the trail officers searched just weeks ago. They want to know why and how police missed her body.” There is no ruling on the cause of death or details about her clothing, etc.

Morgan Heimer-22 years
Missing 6/2/15- Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Not Found

Morgan was an English major at the University of Wyoming and had a summer job as a tour guide for white water trips on the Colorado River. He was an outstanding swimmer and competent guide. Morgan’s group of boats pulled the group to the side of the river at a regular stop where they take guests up a side creek. Guests take a short walk to a pool where they jump off boulders into the water. The group was walking back to the boats along the small creek, Morgan was wearing his life preserver and was last in line when he disappeared. There was an extensive search by the National Park Service, nothing was found of Morgan or his equipment.
An employee that worked at the same guide company that Morgan worked contacted me. He explained that the other guides on this trip are completely baffled. The area he disappeared had a small creek with cliff walls on both sides. He stated that it didn’t seem possible that Morgan could disappear as he did.

Sukhjeet Saggu- 20 years
Missing 6/5/15
Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, BC, Canada'

Sukhjeet was with a group of friends walking a large well-known trail from their vehicle at the parking lot to Lindeman Lake. He stated he wanted to run ahead and meet them at the lake. When the friends arrived at the lake, he was not there. The Chilliwack Search and Rescue group was notified along with RCMP.
Just days after the hiker vanished, a helicopter search found his body in a boulder field far off course from the lake trail. Doug Fraser was the SAR supervisor on this event. A June 7, 2015 article from CBC news had this from Doug, “It was very, very strange and difficult to explain why he ended up where he did,” said Fraser. Adding that the boulder field is quite a bit of elevation above the lake and a fair distance from the trail.”
An autopsy showed that Sukhjeet died of blunt head trauma. It was the belief of some that he fell and hit his head. How did he end up in a boulder field? Where did he fall from? This incident matches other cases involving a boulder field.'

Wayne Buckley- 73 years
Missing 6/7/15- Wasatch County, UT

Not FoundLaw enforcement officials believe that Wayne was camping somewhere in the area of Wasatch County near the Sleepy Hollow Trailhead. They found his pickup truck at that location. An extensive search couldn’t produce Wayne or his equipment. Wayne has emphysema.

Deorr Kunz Jr.- 2 Years
Missing 7/10/15- Lemhi County, ID
Not Found

Deorr was camping with his mom, dad, grandparents and a family friend. His parents went for a short walk thinking that their son was being watched by the grandparents. When they returned, the boy was gone. According to statements made by the Lemhi County sheriff, the family members have been cleared of any criminal involvement. There was a massive search for the boy without finding any evidence of him in the area. Weather did hinder search efforts as it was raining in the days immediately after the disappearance.
I was contacted by a retired USFS employee who lived in the area and kept me updated on the events. They stated that the local newspaper had almost nothing about this event, which the area population thought was strange. The FBI came into the investigation two weeks after Deorr vanished. If you have been reading my “Missing 411” books, the arrival of the FBI seems to coincide with profile points I’ve identified in my books. There has been nothing new on this event in over a month.
The area that Deorr vanished is very, very remote with a rough dirt road. As is stated in this article, it’s almost ridiculous to believe that a human perpetrator drove this single lane road into this region and took Deorr. He hasn’t been found.

Janet Castrejohn- 44 years
Missing 6/19/15
Chiricahua National Monument, AZ
Walking back from restroom
Not Found

Janet was vacationing with her parents in the Chiricahua National Monument under the authority of the National Park Service in southern Arizona. She was walking back from the restroom when she disappeared. A massive search produced nothing. Janet has severe disabilities and has the mental capacity of a 5 year old. She also has impaired eyesight.
As is normal, law enforcement has turned to criminal abduction as a possibility. They were in a remote area when this lady vanished. This is in a geographical cluster zone we have identified. This also occurred in the same area where a national park ranger vanished and was never found. This is the only NPS ranger that vanished and was never located.

Omarion Humphreys- 9 years
Missing 7/4/15
Davison Township, MI
Playing in Park

In my books I have repeatedly shown that victims are often found in an area that had been searched dozens of times, sometimes more. I have also described how many of the victims have some type of disability.
Omarion Humphreys was autistic. He went to Lake Callis with his foster family on July 4. He was last seen playing when he disappeared. The sheriff searched an area around the park and the lake. Two different county sheriff dive teams from two different jurisdictions searched the lake multiple, multiple times. They each used side-scanning sonar and found nothing. It is important to note that this is a fairly new man made lake with a smooth bottom. The park was closed during the search effort.
Six days after Omarion vanished, the lake and park were reopened and his body was found in the lake by swimmers. The sheriff had no clue how his teams missed the body. Parents believe that Omarion was abducted and dumped in the lake. An initial cause of death stated that Omarion drowned. The final autopsy result has not been made public.

Joe Keller- 19 years
Missing 7/23/15- Cornejos County, CO
Not Found

Joe was with a family friend traveling across the U.S. He met his parents at Rainbow Trout Lodge in southern CO. This area is very, very remote with no cell or internet connections. At 4:30p.m. on July 23, Joe and his friend went on their usual afternoon run along a dirt road leading away from the lodge. Joe was last in line when he vanished. His friend went back to the lodge and the search started. SAR teams from throughout CO, TN and NM assisted. They didn’t find any evidence of where Joe may have went.
The culmination of many of these events is that law enforcement and family start to think abduction. This is normal and it did happen in this case. The FBI arrived and did consult with law enforcement authorities. Just 25 air miles from where Joe vanished is the disappearance of another young man that I chronicled in my books. He was walking his dog in a forest area when he vanished and was never found.
Joe was a very athletic person. Any idea he would just by chance go off the dirt road and start running through the woods seems not worthy of consideration. There was no evidence of an animal attack. Remember, this is a very, very remote area. The absurd idea that a car is driving around this area looking to abduct someone, alone, no witnesses, also seem unlikely….

Jerold Joseph Williams- 5 years
Missing 8/6/15, 12 miles south of Jacobs Lake, AZ

Found- DeceasedJerold was with his mom and other relatives camping in an area north of the Grand Canyon. In the afternoon on August 6, he was chasing butterflies with his mom behind him when he disappeared. He didn’t respond to calls and a ground search couldn’t locate the boy. There was rainy weather the night after he disappeared. There was a massive formal search by canines and Air Force helicopters with FLIR, they could not locate him. Five days after he vanished, a volunteer searcher was 3.9 air miles from the point he was last seen driving down a dirt road and saw his body 15-20 feet the road. An autopsy report stated he died from exposure the first night.

Jerrold wasn’t found by canines or helicopters with FLIR. He was found 3.9 air miles from the point last seen, meaning he didn’t walk just 3.9 miles. I have read estimates that he walked as much as 10 miles. This is far outside the bounds of all SAR grid guidelines. Is it coincidence that Jerold disappeared in such close proximity to Morgan Heimer? This is the third case in Arizona this summer matching our profile.

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