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Spacecraft and Bases on the Moon


 All of a sudden folks are beginning to talk.  An alien base on the back side of the moon is completely creditable.  They have to be curious about the moon itself and what better place to operate from for frequent trips to Earth itself.  My surprise is that it is not better hidden but then it is not supposed to be secret forever.

That this became obvious from the first flybys is a certainty.  That only a handful would know for sure is also a certainty.  Now we have a clear conforming report and support for it.  It occurs just as they were discovering this complication and it had all not yet been internalized to prevent this type of report.

From that discovery, it follows that all  images would then be doctored as needed and that this could hardly be kept secret forever either.

Spacecraft and Bases on the Moon

NASA used Santa Claus as a codename for Three UFOs spotted during the lunar landings, claims former employee

Claims to have walked into restricted area where she saw UFOs in pictures
She says Nasa has airbrushed UFOs from thousands of pictures
Claims Nasa has threatened people over their retirement if they speak

Three flying saucers were spotted on the moon during Nasa's lunar landings, according to the bizarre claims of a former Nasa contractor.

In a video testimony, Dona Hare says the space agency covered up a series of UFO sighting that they codenamed 'Santa Claus'.

Hare claims she was told by numerous sources, which she does not name, about three UFOs that landed shortly after one of the moon landings.

'I walked into a restricted area of the photo lab where they developed film from the moon and other satellite pictures,' Hare recalls in the video.

'A gentleman pointed my attention to one area of this mosaic.'

'I believe they were satellite pictures, but I'm not sure.'

Hare describes seeing a round shadow at the correct angle with the sun shining on the trees in the picture.[ ??? ]

'What I knew he meant was, it was a UFO but he couldn't tell me,' she explains.

Not only is she accusing NASA of hiding UFOs from the public, she also told the world the agency has doctored and obscured thousands of photos.

She went on record to state the agency erases anomalies from pictures before selling them to the public.

During her time NASA, she was employed as an illustrator and photographic slide technician, and received many awards for her work.

'I was amazed that they had a protocol in place for getting rid of UFOs in pictures,' says Hare, referring to the airbrushing. She describes an event when a co-worker, how heard the astronauts experience on the moon when the UFOs landed, came to her personally.

'As a precaution, astronauts were debriefed and I knew a man who was in the room with them.'

One of the men that was in a quarantine area with the astronauts who witnessed the three UFOs supposedly contacted her.

'This man was in quarantine with them and was part of their debriefing,' she says.

Not only is she accusing NASA of hiding UFOs from the American people, she also told the world the agency has doctored and obscured thousands of photos. She went on record to state the agency had erased flying saucers from pictures, before selling them to the public

'He said a lot of then talked about their experience of these crafts following them.'

'I believe there were three of them on the moon when they landed and I believe that the code word for them was Santa Claus.'

She claims NASA threatened those who dared speak about the sightings or airbrushing pictures, specifically that they will lose their retirement funds. Giving one occurrence, she claims a man, who was a security guard at NASA, came into her office, and said he was scared for his life.

'He said soldiers made him burn pictures, but he couldn't look at them,' Hare explains.

'He looked at one picture, where he saw a UFO on the and then shortly after he was hit in the head with the butt of a gun'.

'This man was in quarantine with them and was part of their debriefing,' she says. 'He said a lot of then talked about their experience of these crafts following them. I believe there were three of them on the moon when they landed and I believe that the code word for them was Santa Claus'

Hare says she has told most of her friends and family, but has not received any backlash from officials.

'They didn't threaten to kill me but I got the message I shouldn't talk about it,' she explains.

'But I'd already talked about it so much it didn't really matter anymore. '

'And like I said at the 1997 congressional briefings, I really started feeling like this topic was like sex.'

'You know, everybody knew about it but nobody talked about in mixed company.'

Hare isn't the only one claiming to have seen UFOs and Nasa covering them up. Sergeant Karl Wolfe [see below], who worked for the Director of Intelligence at headquarters Tactical Air Command, claims he also saw photos being altered to omit anomalies on the moon's surface.

Wolfe went to an area in the Langley Air Force base, where he was given a reel of images to view.

He claims he saw 35mm strips of film which were spliced together to make 18 1/2 inch x 11 inch mosaics of the lunar surface for release to the general public.

An officer told him that there was a moon base, made by aliens, on the dark side of the moon and it was their job to airbrush them out.

"I started asking questions of certain people. I would take them away from the site and we would go to lunch.

"Alone they would tell me things and then say if I ever said they had they would swear I was lying.

"One gentleman I knew who said there were the crafts on the moon just disappeared, I can't find him."

In a separate claim, she said a security guard told her he was forced to burn UFO pictures by mystery armed men, who struck him with the butt of a gun for looking at them.

She also claims to have seen a UFO in a NASA image being airbrushed out by technicians.

She said: "One gentleman I had been friends with pointed my attention to an open area of a mosaic, a set of panels put together to form a larger picture.

It was a satellite aerial looking down. With a smile on his face he said look over there.

"I saw a round white dot and asked is it a dot of emulsion.

"Grinning he said a dot of emulsion doesn't leave round shadows, then I saw a round shadow over trees.

"I said is this a ufo - he was smiling i can't tell you that but Ii knew he meant it was, but he couldn't tell me

"He said well we always have to airbrush them out before they sell them to the public.

"I was just amazed they had a protocol in place for getting rid of ufos in pictures."

Ms Hare insists her accounts are true.

"I Saw Structures on the Moon" (Karl Wolfe)

The following account has been addressed several times before, and I have had it in my notes for quite some time. The recent interest in the Space program, and questions about our future goals in space have caused me to dust it off. I believe it will be of interest to our viewers.

This extraordinary story comes to us from one Karl Wolfe. Wolfe worked for the Director of Intelligence at Headquarters Tactical Air Command, Technical Group. The fantastic events explained here occurred while he was stationed at Langley Field, Virginia.

Langley Field was center for information received from the Lunar Orbiter Project. Satellite receivers from around the world waited for information from the Orbiter, and it was then channeled to Langley, where the information was transformed into photographic images, and other top-secret data. The photographic imaging was done at a secure military lab ran by NSA. In an interview for UFO magazine, Wolfe asserted that he was one of only two technicians at Langley with high enough security clearance to work with the high-tech photographic equipment which processed info from U-2 spy planes, and other military intelligence hardware.

Wolfe, in his own words:

... At any rate, I was in a color lab one day when my boss, Staff Sergeant Taylor, came over to me and said that they were having a problem with some equipment on the base an it was the first lunar orbiter program, where thy had a mission to pretty much locate the first landing sites for the 1969 lunar mission for the astronauts.

So he said they were having some problem with equipment over there. it was similar equipment to what we had- it was computerized contact printing equipment. He wanted to know if I would go over and take a look at it. He said to me, It's an NSA facility. At the time, I didn't Know what the NSA was--I was pretty naive.

I thought he said NASA. So in my mind, for a long time I thought it was a NASA facility that I had gone to, but I remembered him saying NSA and converting it in my own mind to NASA...

Wolfe claims that one day when NSA photographic equipment failed, he was called in to assist them with the critical repair work needed to keep the machines on the job. Coincidentally, Wolfe was the only individual available at the time trained in the type of equipment that had failed. He normally would be crossing lines by venturing into NSA territory.

His security clearance status was raised to enable him to even enter the highly secure laboratory.

Wolfe's heart raced as he entered the here-to-fore forbidden hangar that day, and he was shocked to see the frantic activity in the lab, activities carried out by individuals of many different nations. Wolfe had naturally thought that only American citizens would be in the NASA lab, but there were many individuals with guest name tags on, and obviously from foreign countries present this day, inferring that they were there on a temporary basis for some special occasion.

He felt a sense of panic as to his mission. Whatever he was called in for was of the utmost importance. He was told that the equipment in question was in a nearby dark room. As he was led into the room, only the red glow of a safety light greeted him at first, but in a moment, he could make out the figure of one airman who manned the dark room.

Wolfe knew that the image processing equipment would have to be removed to be repaired, and he also knew that the diagnostics on this type of equipment would take some time to finish.

Arrangements were quickly made for the photographic equipment to be taken to another secure location for Wolfe to begin the painstaking task of troubleshooting the problem. As Wolfe waited for transport to arrive, he began to chat with the other airman. Wolfe carefully asked why the NASA work was being done at Langley and not NASA in Houston.

It was then that he was told that all of the NASA image information was downloaded to Langley, enhanced and made into the finished photographs that were then studied by different branches of the Armed Forces. The dark room attendant began to explain to Wolfe just what all the secrecy was about.

Wolfe was told that recent enhanced images had surprisingly, yet clearly shown structures on the surface of the dark side of the Moon. Structures that definitely were not created by natural means, such as meteors, or ancient collisions with other heavenly bodies. The structures were created by intelligent beings.

"We discovered," the airman said, "a base of the back side of the Moon."

Wolfe was obviously stunned by this extraordinary disclosure. He remembers literally "shaking" trying to take in the enormity of what he had been told. Seeing Wolfe's disbelief, the dark room attendant continued;

"Yes, a base on the dark side of the Moon."

Although the attendant had not actually said that the structures were not created by inhabitants of Earth, it seemed to go without saying. Wolfe was still in amazement as he was now looking down at the very photographs he was trying to envision in his mind. Bending down under the red glowing lamp, he was seeing what so very few would see. He could clearly make out geometric shapes, well organized, and well designed.

Most noticeable to him were what looked exactly like radar antennas, very similar to what one could see on Earth. There was no doubt now in Wolfe's mind why the odd complement of scientists and investigators were in attendance at this place on this day. They had arrived to see and study what he was looking at now; structures made by intelligent beings on the Moon.

Questions flooded his mind now; Could Russia have made these structures, putting the first flag on the lunar surface? Could this be a joint venture of some kind? If so, by whom? Americans and aliens? Whomever was the creator, Wolfe felt like he had been caught stealing, or with his hand in the cookie jar. He was NOT supposed to see these photographs.

He could be arrested, or worse. He just wanted to do his job, leave, and never mention it again. Wolfe did finish the job he was commissioned to do, keeping the memories of that day dormant in his mind, and went on with his life.

Wolfe, however, was haunted by the images he saw that day for many years to come. After he left the active service, his security clearance prohibited him from leaving the United States for five years, and he was sworn to keep what he had seen to himself. It would be thirty years before he told anyone about that unforgettable day.

For the year that Wolfe saw the remarkable structures on the dark side of the Moon was 1965, four years before Neil Armstrong put the first footprint on the lunar surface. Or was it the first?

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