Friday, January 29, 2016

Missing in the Wilderness Oddities.

Reading through the mass of reports, a couple of particular oddities show up and need to be remarked upon.  They are suggestive of additional phenomena not presently understood or anticipated.  Thus we will at least comment.

The first oddity is in cases were the body or individual is found and we have an impossible compass march between the two points.  Worse we have no plausible alternative route as well. Some cases can be explained by a robust carry by a Bigfoot or a Giant sloth.  Others make that highly unlikely.  The most unlikely finds the victim in the middle of a boulder field.

This begs the unusual question of whether the boulder field happens to be the nexus of a gravitational vortex that is somehow triggered to grab objects and even individuals.  We have to consider this idea at least.

The second oddity is in cases in which the victim appears to go into a trance and then proceeds off site in a straight line with little evidence of deviation yet retaining the ability to handle rough ground.  Here we can presume one on one mind control or its equivalent.  Again we have observed this possibility with both creatures.

In both cases we see a swift disappearance of the victim occur often.  Even in terrain lacking cover and little time elapsing.  There should have been a flash of clothing or something to alert folks.  It is just not that easy to walk away and not be seen even at a distance in open country without the exercise of field skills.

At least we need to be open to the idea that something is happening out there besides failed interaction with a large animal although that seems to be the bulk of the unexplained along with simple misadventure.  We forget that we get relaxed in the wilderness however careful we are.  Rock crumbling underfoot and you are falling.  That leads to injury demanding assistance that never comes.  It really does not take too much to end a life.


The risk is not particularly high but it is not zero either.  It is sufficient to seriously think in terms of mandatory usage of  personal transponders or its equivalent for all individuals entering the wilderness.  It is possible today and it can be cheap as well.  Better yet make it part of a cell phone configuration in order to avoid a massive outlay.  That way anyone entering a wilderness area can auto register and searchers can query the device.

The obvious benefit is that time to recovery can be a few short hours and not demand hundreds of volunteers and massive expense.  This system can be established now and once established we can demand general compliance for children in particular and for anyone going lone ranger. Also with autoregistration it becomes possible to do autoqueries and to even do autolocate.  This provides a natural log that discovers anomalies.


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