Monday, January 18, 2016

Man Claims to have Spotted Tasmanian Tiger Which is Meant to be Extinct

I am pretty sure that the Tasmanian tiger is alive and well and may now be comfortable enough about a human presence to occasionally be seen.  This case had the animal running with a group of kangaroos which is unexpected but certainly provides screening for a shy carnivore.

There is also an apparent population in New Guinea mountains as well.  Thus its extinction is unlikely.  More likely it is now broadening its range which will bring about increasing contact.

The key take home for all is that a family of critters can share information mind to mind and then uniformly avoid any contact. i suspect that this has happened to a number of the larger creatures who are also smarter as well and we end up having far less contact than could be expected.

This man got a full view of the animal in broad daylight and it was unmistakable.  

Man claims to have spotted Tasmanian Tiger which is meant to be extinct 

Melina Sarris 
January 4, 2016, 7:21 pm 

A caravan park owner is claiming to have spotted a Tasmanian Tiger in the South Gippsland bush.

While the last known tiger died in captivity in a Hobart Zoo 80 years ago, Tony Holgate is convicted they’re still alive and have made their way to Victoria.

“It didn't look like a dog, didn't look like a cat, didn't look like a fox, it looked like a Tasmanian Tiger,” he told 7 News.

Tony says the mysterious marsupial was standing on one of his caravan park sites.

“It was with a pack of kangaroos, I got to about 20 metres of it.”

Unfortunately the creature was quick to run off, but Tony thinks it could still be hanging around the bush land.

The last Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity at the Hobart Zoo in 1936 and the animal was declared extinct in the 1980's.

Melbourne Zoo’s reproductive biologist Dr Marissa Parrot told 7 News it was possible that Tony has simply spotted a sick fox.

“If (foxes) have a disease called mange, they can get a striped appearance and a thin tail, it can be mistaken for a Tasmanian Tiger,” she said.

Sadly there is no photographic evidence of the elusive animal because Tony didn't have a camera and has never owned a mobile phone.

He now wants the government to investigate his sighting.

“We'd need a little bit more evidence before we'd be spending money on that,” MP Jane Garrett said.

As it’s up to Tony to keep his eye on the Tiger, he is considering getting a mobile phone so he is ready for the next sighting.

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