Tuesday, January 12, 2016

'Best UFO Evidence in Years' During Soyuz Docking With ISS

We are seeing these objects in space, or perhaps more correctly in near space. The motion though is not terribly purposeful generally. It is more what i would expect from organics. Considering that i have suggested that large methane creatures might proper out here i am inclined to suggest that this may be the case.

Independent mobility had not been anticipated but that is a low level electro magnetic problem that could be achieved by a biological entity.  Otherwise gathering near a standing artifact makes little sense and seems unlikely for the alien hypothesis.

We have been chasing the giant slime mold idea for some time and we keep looking better, unlikely as i think that it is...

'Best UFO Evidence in Years' During Soyuz Docking With ISS

by Jon Austin


THIS footage of the International Space Station apparently surrounded by Unidentifed Flying Objects (UFOs) this week as been branded "the best piece of evidence in years" for the existence of aliens.

The footage (below) has caused a storm after being uploaded on a video by YouTube channel Mister Enigma entitled "UFOs seeen everywhere during Soyuz docking on NASA USTREAM."

It shows a portion of the docking between the Russian Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft and International Space Station (ISS) on December 15, when Tim Peake became the first British astronaut to board the space station.

In the video, the narrator, who speaks with a creepy robotic voice, says: 

"This video, which was taken by the ISS on Tuesday during the docking between the Soyuz spacecraft and the ISS is the best piece of UFO evidence captured in years.

"Dozens of UFOs can be seen in the background — some zipping off in the distance, others gently floating by, and even one gigantic doughnut-shaped UFO that seems to inspect the event.

"Once the camera zooms out the sun seems to light them up. The footage is like the famous UFO tether video that took place in the 90s, and it's very strange that it aired live and did not get cut off like most UFOs that are seen on the NASA screen."

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