Thursday, March 26, 2015

GODhood Rethought.


I want to share an odd thought and really it is a struggle in finding language.   We already have extracted an understanding of what i am calling the second tier of matter which is presently called Dark Matter.  This is the physical home of our consciousness in the form of light bodies or spirit.  These are massively information dense and an aspect of such a being operates our physical bodies.  There are several billion such spirits at the minimum but even then many could be multiple aspects of the same unique entity.  So it is not so simple either.

They report the existence of what is termed as the Source or a larger merged combine of ascended spirits.  We have interpreted that to be identifiable as GOD and it appears to be unique.  It is also true that some such spirits reject this road and decline the invitation or make it impossible to be invited.  Thus we have a dualism between striving spirits and rebelling spirits.  This appears to be consistently reported on.  This natural dualism drives choices and those choices allows the spirit to progress.

I do not know how to consider the evolution of rebelling spirits at all except to say that it is self inflicted and that Dante may well have had it right.  Do you think for a second that this was pure imagination?  What is true though is that the physical existence of the spirit and choice opens the door to exactly this form of self inflicted pain.

On the other side of the line and there is certainly a line or level, we see spirits striving to ascend and transitioning to the status of angels with a natural hierarchy depending on attainment.  Most spirits however appear to working on eliminating negative karma in preparation for ascending to a higher level.  I use the word karma because it appears accepted by all and likely represents a common measure agreed to by all.  What is reported is thriving activity.

 This is still the greatest logic engine ever imagined.  It has even the architecture of a logic engine that is the size of the Universe.  A large sub component may well be called Gaia and all Earth spirits are of course sub components of that. Yet all are part of the universal logic engine.  Thus we can make a key assertion.  Binary logic as we know it consists of five operators.  A sixth operator establishes acceptance of the output of those operators as true.  This critically drives the whole evolution of the universe itself because it allows conscious choice.  It is conscious choice. Logic becomes way more complicated than that but this operator remains central but normally unrecognized.  Again this represents an expansion of symbolic logic itself and the likely elimination of the Godel Theorem.

Thus the Universe itself  is naturally conscious and striving to perfect itself.  Our perception of GOD changes.  It does make choices continuously to allow natural convergence toward perfection.  It is no longer anthropocentric or even spoken of in terms of power at all.  Even better, it only allows itself to be understood in terms of love..

What i find confounding is that consciousness and the physical universe and the act of creation are all the same.  Creation is also continuous but not in the sense of mathematical continuity.  We have a problem there also.  I am struggling to avoid hand-waving as has happened with other thinkers here.

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