Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 A Pivot Year.


Another year is upon us and in the midst of all the turmoil out there, i think it is appropriate to make a few important predictions.  Quite honestly the pivot has already occured with the abrupt decline in the price of oil from $95 to $50.  Most expect a recovery.  Do not count on it.  Better yet, organize your life to accommodate the removal of oil from all our lives.  Simple mass manufacturing can displace every oil based engine inside of five years.

There is nothing we do on Earth that is more capable of changing how we all live than the removal of the oil industry that presently generates between ten to twenty percent of the global economy.  This may seem harmful and it certainly is to a serious number of folks who must change their lifestyles radically. Yet every person who owns a car is going to get a serious cash raise as well.  That means no fuel bill at all and sooner or later, a much cheaper car to drive.

We have already demonstrated the hardware that effectively pumps electrostatic energy out of the ambient dark matter that this whole galaxy swims within.  Piecing together an actual motor and a home power plant is readily done by anyone with basic training and a slight understanding.  Recall Tesla promised free energy.  He was not kidding at all. 

Even without that trick, both off the shelf battery technology with Tesla motors and EEStor Capacitors can  already rid the world of oil.  It does not even need our motors and power plants although we will easily do it all incredibly fast.  Thus this prediction it completely real even if i decide to hunt dinosaurs in Northern Australia.  Also remember that the Rockefeller foundation disposed of their ownership in Standard Oil recently.  Someone there understands that it is over also.

Revolution.   Every oil state will lose its external cash flow and that means that all those who failed to reinvest heavily into their people will be running for their lives and leaving others to pick up the pieces.  Even for those who were wise, it will be a massive adjustment and a significant change in direction.  My own recommendation is to use this change over to completely restructure society to eliminate all poverty.  This is possible but likely avoided by most.

Islam will suffer a huge set back in particular and it can be taken advantage of in terms of the elimination of poverty.

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