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Sloan Matt on Sitzen


This work eliminates Sitzen's leap into pure science fiction but leaves the source material intact and brings out much of the esoteric.  I am not so sure that he was essentially driven by his publishers who wanted to exploit Danikin's success.  The general background appears intact of a plausible intervention by an alien species and we have spirit, soul and the physical separately identified.  This is something that i have come to properly understand only recently.

The other reality that we must soon face is that alien communities existed during the Bronze Age at least. We now have the archeology and even the DNA.  We also have my interpretation of the Noah event as part of a colonizing operation to introduce agricultural man.  This began 10,000 years ago and rolled out over at least four thousand years retaining command integrity.

Then the additional reality is the understanding of spirit as physical.  As commented the assumption of aliens is likely far more ambiguous that anticipated.

Q Dean Sloan Matt,

Myself and others* have more than adequately shown the very big fallacies in Zecharia Sitchin’s 12th Planet and Anunnaki aliens. It’s a prudent fact that only those who’ve read the Enuma Elish, which Sitchin, primarly, based his theories on, are qualified to discuss the subject. Provide a plausible rebuttal to our rebuttals if you wish to have any credibility. The ethical reason for this is because of the unwarranted fear it generates in many naïve minds regarding the possible return of Anunnaki aliens, as well as the bogus (in this case) genetically engineered origins with the intentionally subtle, psychological implication that human beings were dumbed down, consequently, aren’t very bright, thus, can’t achieve much, however, spiritually and metaphysically knowledgeable human beings have been achieving relative “perfection”, and “ascension”+ throughout recorded history with these bodies, the health & organs of which varies tremendously depending on the age & experience of each immortal soul (“solar angel”).


Solar angel

Sitchin took advantage of the fact that the majority of people haven’t studied comparative religion as is scholarly, credibly & truthfully explained further below.º

Quoting page 164 in the 12th Planet: “How would an ancient artist have depicted the pilots of the skyships of the gods? Would he have depicted them, by some chance, as eagles? That is exactly what we [we?] have found. An Assyrian seal engraving from circa 1500 B.C. shows two “eagle-men” saluting a shem! (Fig. 80 - page 166). Numerous depictions of such “Eagles” - the scholars call them “bird-men” - have been found. Most depictions show them flanking the Tree of Life, as if to stress that they, in their shem’s, provided the link with the Heavenly Abode where the Bread of Life and water of Life were to be found. Indeed, the usual depiction of the Eagles showed them holding in one hand the Fruit of Life and in the other hand the Water of Life, in full conformity with the tales of Adapa, Etana, and Gilgamesh (Fig. 81- page 166).”

º The truth is that this is an “Apkallu Griffin”*: “This is a ‘wise man’ or ‘sage’. Babylonian tradition says that there were seven Apkallu who lived at the beginning of time before the flood. They were sent by the god Ea¹ to teach wisdom to humans. And Standing on the left is king Ashurnasirpal². He is wearing his royal costume and being protected from evil forces by a guardian spirit. This type of spirit is called an ‘Apkallu’. Apkallu means ‘sage’ in Akkadian. Apkallu figures are often shown beside doorways and in corners of rooms since these areas were where evil spirits were thought to lurk.”


¹ An esoteric analysis of The Epic of Gilgamesh – He Who Saw the Deep, shows that the “gods” were highly-evolved human souls incarnated on earth, not aliens.

And “The winged figure* standing behind the king represents the culmination of man's spiritual development, a mythical sage who thanks to his wisdom and piety has won for himself a place in heaven. The wisdom of the figure is of a mystical kind, an ability to understand and master supernatural powers operative in the world. In this capacity it functions as the king’s guardian against sin, cultic impurity and evil spirits. The crown on its head is the crown of heaven; the garments it is dressed in are the white garments of a saint; the bucket in its left hand is filled with the water of life, and the cone in its right hand has purificatory power. The figure has the wings of a guardian angel; from its belt protrude weapons against forces of darkness; its muscular feet symbolize victorious striving towards heaven. Apart from the bucket and the cone, the distinctive marks of an antediluvian sage, the figure in all its details resembles Ninurta, the slayer of Anzu (a monster symbolizing darkness and sin) exalted in heavenly glory after his victory, as depicted in a contemporary relief.

* Scroll down to page two
See also

Then there’s this image of Quetzalcoatl (“bearded whiteman”) carved in stone (La Venta monument 19)*, and he is shown with a water bucket in hand also, which esoterically links the two continents. He is also depicted riding a serpent, which veils the uprising of the coiled serpent energy‡ in the chakra at the base of the spine that ultimately enlightens, consequently, riding the serpent is symbolical of a master of wisdom, or a human soul that’s reached relative “perfection.”


re: "Nature's Mind: The Quantum Hologram" (pdf) by Q. Dean Sloan

Note: On the first page of my paper you'll find reference to the "Anunnaki/Nefilim"¹ as postulated by Zecharia Sitchin in “The 12th Planet,” however, after realising that, from an astronomical perspective, Nibiru couldn’t exist, I decided to read the Enuma Elish and realised, like Michael Heiser and others, that there really isn't any theological basis for Sitchin to have identified the Anunnaki as aliens from Nibiru. First of all, the celestial mechanics theorem for a planetary mass the alleged size of Nibiru entering our solar system every 3,600 years with the perihelion point of its orbit slightly beyond the asteroid belt dictates that it would have collided with the asteroids head on (due to the 180 million km width of the asteroid belt) and attracted hundreds or thousands of asteroids to itself in each passage (causing extinction level events on Nibiru), as well as sending other asteroids off in the direction of the other planets, including the earth, and the sun. The asteroid belt, postulated by Sitchin to have been created by one of Nibiru's moons (wind) 450,000 years-ago, would either eventually have been eliminated in Nibiru's subsequent return trips into & out of the solar system, or Nibiru, itself, would have been destroyed. You'll find that anyone who promotes the existence of Nibiru, or Planet X, cannot provide a plausible celestial mechanics equation for it, because of the existing planetary order and the asteroid belt. The undisturbed asteroid belt is proof positive that a physical, planetary Nibiru of the Sitchin kind doesn’t exist, consequently, the Anunnaki's² involvement in earth history, re: the Earth Chronicles, is strictly creative science-fiction, which I thought at first was due to Sitchin's lack of esoteric knowledge regarding religion & philosophy, however, Alfred Lambremont Webre's investigation shows another reason. The foregoing, however, doesn’t negate the reality of extraterrestrial involvement in Earth history, nor does the ET involvement negate the reality of the Logos’ creation of human souls ("another sheath")* during Lemurian times, which are incarnating & utilising the Earth's particular Homo sapiens version to further their own evolution. Ponder on that.

*A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (See Stanza II of the Stanzas of Dzyan on pages 13-14 in my paper)

Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram by Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

¹ Upon further reflection & research I also determined that Sitchin erred in assuming that the Sumerian Annunaki and the Biblical Nephilim were one & the same: “Pliny speaks of a giant in whom he thought he recognised Orion, the son of Ephialtes (Nat. Hist., vol. VII., ch. Xvi.). Plutarch declares that Sertorius saw the tomb of Antaeus, the giant; and Pausanias vouches for the actual existence of the tombs of Asterius and of Geryon, or Hillus, son of Hercules-all giants, Titans and mighty men. Finally the Abbe Pegues (cited in de Mirville’s Pneumatologie) affirms in his curious work on “The Volcanoes of Greece” that “in the neighbourhood of the volcanoes of the isle of Thera, giants with enormous skulls were found laid out under colossal stones, the erection of which must have necessitated everywhere the use of titanic powers, and which tradition associates in all countries with the ideas about giants, volcanoes and magic,” (page 48).

In the same work above cited of the Abbe Pegues, the author wonders why in Bible and tradition the Gibborim (Giants), the mighty ones) the Rephaim, or the spectres (Phantoms), the Nephilim, or the fallen ones-(irruentes)-are shown “as if identical, though they are all men, since the Bible calls them the primitive and the mighty ones”-e.g., Nimrod. The “Doctrine” explains the secret. These names, which belong by right only to the four preceding races and the earliest beginning of the Fifth, allude very clearly to the first two Phantom (astral) races; to the fallen one-the Third [Lemurian]; and to the race of the Atlantean Giants-the Fourth, after which “men began to decrease in stature.” (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II, page 279). Order The Secret Doctrine here

² Nibiru/Marduk & The Enuma Elish [Who are the Anunnaki? by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S]

The following is a brief synopsis and analysis of 6 of the 7 Tablets, which correspond to the 7 basic rays, the 7 planes of the solar system, and the 7 days of creation (See diagram on page 16 of my paper).

The Anunnaki ("tutelary spirits of the earth" or human spirits) are mentioned in the First & Third Tablets, and Marduk isn’t mentioned until the Third Tablet, which corresponds to the 3rd ray or 3rd Cosmic Ether , and the 3rd day of creation.

In order to interpret the theology within the Enuma Elish one has to understand the underlying fundamental principles/metaphysics of religion, i.e., the “Trinity” and in the Babylonian religion “Apsu” is Spirit/Father, the 1st aspect, “Lord Marduk” is Soul/Son, the 2nd aspect, and “Tiamat” is Matter/Mother, the 3rd aspect. The soul in all religions, is technically, metaphysically, and scientifically the created result of the interaction between spirit & matter. As noted above, Lord Marduk symbolically represents every human soul, who, just like Prince Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, has to battle enemies to achieve his goal. The enemies esoterically represent psychological hindrance’s to our personality that everyone has to overcome in order to achieve each soul’s purpose when incarnated.

It’s stated in the 7th Tablet that Lord Marduk created mankind, and this symbolically refers to the creation of immortal human souls en mass during the Lemurian root-race millions of years ago, and not to the creation of Homo sapiens, as Sitchin theorized, by mixing the DNA of the “Anunnaki” with “Homo erectus” for the purpose of creating slaves to work in gold mines in Africa.

Nibiru is shown in the 7th Tablet to be identical with Marduk, i.e., “the Seizer of the Midst”, i.e., Conqueror of [Tiamat/Matter/Mother], which symbolically refers to the overcoming of matter (life in the physical world) by soul’s manifesting on Earth and providing the Lemurian’s with a conscious, thinking mind, consequently, the killing of his mother is symbolical only, not the literal destruction of a planet, and veils a much earlier esoteric, historical event.

Note: The First Tablet correlates to the 1st Cosmic Ether of the Cosmic Physical Plane, and the First Day of Creation.

First Tablet:
…"She [Tiamat/mother/matter/etheric substance] exalted Kingu [planetary Logos],

in their midst she raised him to power.
To march before the forces, to lead the host,
To give the battle-signal, to advance to the attack,
To direct the battle, to control the fight,
Unto him she entrusted; in costly raiment she made him sit, saying:
I have uttered thy spell, in the assembly of the gods I have raised thee to power.
The dominion over all the gods [human souls] have I entrusted unto him.
Be thou exalted, thou my chosen spouse,
May they magnify thy name over all of them the Anunnaki"*
She gave him [Kingu] the Tablets of Destiny, on his breast she laid them, saying:
Thy command shall not be without avail, and the word of thy mouth shall be established."
Now Kingu thus exalted, having received the power of Anu [solar Logos],
Decreed the fate among the gods his sons*, saying:
"Let the opening of your mouth quench the Fire-god;
Whoso is exalted in the battle, let him display his might!"
* [the Anunnaki/gods, "tutelary spirits of the earth," are the human monads/spirits produced on

the 2nd Cosmic Ether or 2nd Day of Creation].
* "I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High" (Psalm 82:6).

"Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" (St. John 10:34).
[Note: each human spirit/solar angel is a "god" which, potentially, can manifest in the physical world as Jesus

symbolically demonstrated at his "transfiguration"].

Third Tablet:

…”But Marduk hath set out, the director of the gods, your son;
To set out against Tiamat his heart hath prompted him.
He opened his mouth and spake unto me, saying: "If I, your avenger,
Conquer Tiamat and give you life,
Appoint an assembly, make my fate pre-eminent and proclaim it.
In Upsukkinaku seat yourself joyfully together;
With my word in place of you will I decree fate.
May whatsoever I do remain unaltered,
May the word of my lips never be changed nor made of no avail."'
Hasten, therefore, and swiftly decree for him the fate which you bestow,
That he may go and fight your strong enemy.
Gaga went, he took his way and
Humbly before Lahmu and Lahamu, the gods, his fathers,
He made obeisance, and he kissed the ground at their feet.
He humbled himself; then he stood up and spake unto them saying:
"Ansar, your son, hath sent me,
The purpose of his heart he hath made known unto me.
He saith that Tiamat our mother hath conceived a hatred for us,
With all her force she rageth, full of wrath.
[what the foregoing metaphorically refers to is the overcoming of obstacles to enlightenment in the physical world.

Just like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, Marduk (soul) has to harmonize all the constituents (“strong enemy”) of

man “till they vibrate in perfect attunement of the One, the supreme Self,” which is the aim of all incarnated souls].
Unto him hath she entrusted; in costlv raiment she hath made him sit, saving:
I have uttered thy spell; in the assembly of the gods I have raised thee to power,
The dominion over all the gods [Anunnaki/human spirits] have I entrusted unto thee.
Be thou exalted, thou my chosen spouse,
May they magnify thy name over all of them...the Anunnaki…
All of the Igigi [The elder gods] wailed bitterly, saying:
What has been altered so that they should (?)
We do not understand the deed of Tiamat!”

[“The elder gods” (Igigi) is the translators/scholars interpretation, and are simply human spirits, not ETs.]

Fourth Tablet [4th Cosmic Ether - See diagram on page 16 of paper]:
“They prepared for him a lordly chamber,
Before his fathers as prince he took his place.
"Thou art chiefest among the great gods,
Thy fate is unequaled, thy word is Anu!
O Marduk, thou art chiefest among the great gods,
Thy fate is unequaled, thy word is Anu!
Henceforth not without avail shall be thy command,…
And unto Marduk,- their first-born they spake:
"May thy fate, O lord, be supreme among the gods,
To destroy and to create; speak thou the word, and thy command shall be fulfilled.
Command now and let the garment vanish;
And speak the word again and let the garment reappear!
Then he spake with his mouth, and the garment vanished;
Again he commanded it, and. the garment reappeared.
When the gods, his fathers, beheld the fulfillment of his word,
They rejoiced, and they did homage unto him, saying, " Marduk is king!"
They bestowed upon him the scepter, and the throne, and the ring,
They give him an invincible weapon [love/wisdom intuitive faculty] which overwhelmeth the foe [psychological

Go, and cut off the life of Tiamat,”

The 5th Tablet [Mental, Cosmic gaseous]:
“On the fourteenth day thou shalt stand opposite, the half....
When the Sun-god on the foundation of heaven” [which is the highest 3 sub-planes of the 5th plane,

or higher mental (soul) sphere and the lowest/“foundation of heaven”].
“He set a heaven...” [where the Biblical Ancient of days sits].

The 6th Tablet [Astral (emotional) or Cosmic Liquid]:
“When Marduk heard the word of the gods,
His heart prompted him and he devised a cunning plan.
He opened his mouth and unto Ea he spake
That which he had conceived in his heart he imparted unto him:
"My blood will I take and bone will I fashion
I will make man, that man may
I will create man who shall inhabit the earth,
That the service of the gods may be established, and that their shrines may be built.
But I will alter the ways of the gods, and I will change their paths;
[the emotional body definitely “alters the way of the gods” (human souls that have incarnated on


The 7th Tablet [Dense physical world]:
“O Asari, [Marduk] "Bestower of planting," "Founder of sowing"
"Creator of grain and plants," "who caused the green herb to spring up!"
O Asaru-alim, [Marduk] "who is revered in the house of counsel," "who aboundeth in counsel," [this is

the same role that Thoth, Krishna, Jesus, and Quetzalcoatl (bearded white man), etc. played in humanity’s

history, and were/are members of the spiritual hierarchy, not ETs].
"The Lord of the Pure Incantation," " the Quickener of the Dead,"
"Who had mercy upon the captive gods,"
"Who removed the yoke from upon the gods his enemies,"
"For their forgiveness did he [Marduk] create mankind"…
He named the four quarters of the world, mankind he [Marduk] created,
And upon him understanding...
“the star, which shineth in the heavens.
May he hold the Beginning and the Future, may they pay homage unto him,
Saying, "He who forced his way through the midst of Tiamat without resting,
Let his name be Nibiru*, 'the Seizer of the Midst'!
For the stars of heaven he upheld the paths,
He shepherded all the gods like sheep!
He conquered Tiamat, he troubled and ended her life,
In the future of mankind, when the days grow old,
May this be heard without ceasing; may it hold sway forever!
Since he created the realm of heaven and fashioned the firm earth,
The Lord of the World," the father Bel hath called his name.
This title*, which all the Spirits of Heaven proclaimed,
Did Ea hear, and his spirit was rejoiced, and he said:
"He whose name his fathers have made glorious,
Shall be even as I, his name shall be Ea!
* Or, in English, Conqueror

“Let them [i.e. the names of Marduk] be held in remembrances and let the first man proclaim them;
Let the wise and the understanding consider them together!
Let the father repeat them and teach them to his son;
Let them be in the ears of the pastor and the shepherd!
Let a man rejoice in Marduk, the Lord of the gods,
That he may cause his land to be fruitful, and that he himself may have prosperity!

[The foregoing is advising us that it's wise and beneficial to acknowledge the existence of our immortal souls]
His word standeth fast, his command is unaltered;
The utterance of his mouth hath no god ever annulled.
He gazed in his anger, he turned not his neck;
When he is wroth, no god can withstand his indignation.
Wide is his heart, broad is his compassion;
The sinner and evil-doer in his presence...
They received instruction, they spake before him,”

Consequently, it’s intuitively and esoterically understood what the Enuma Elish is all about: the recognition & exaltation of our immortal selves (Lord Marduk). Therefore, it's apparent that Sitchin's interpretation of the Anunnaki as aliens from Nibiru periodically visiting the earth in their ancient rocket ships every 3,600 years, is a sci-fi fabrication.

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