Thursday, November 27, 2014

Investigating Dark Matter.

My readers may or may not know this, but I have been working with an associate to revisit what we think we know about electron flow and Tesla's efforts to tap the global power potential.  We are using a working conjecture that describes so called Dark Matter.  This is easily derived from my theoretical work on the fundamental particle pairing that I also describe provisionally as the neutral neutrino pairing.  It is my conjecture that these pairings also then self assemble to decay into an electron positron pairing which can then additionally self assemble to decay into a neutron neutron pairings from which the elements derive by additional decay processes . I also now know how to assemble all elements with simulation technology.

A natural consequence of this is that the universe is densely packed with the first two levels of pairings.  The neutral neutrino pairs are derived directly as a result of the first movement in Cosmology and the expansion.  Their decay into neutral neutrinos will leave a background radiation which we have likely not observed yet.  Then and thereafter, electron positron pairs or their equivalent will decay out of this background to produce a almost neutral particle content that will tend to pack through gravitational attraction overcoming radiation pressure.  This turns out to be an excellent candidate for Dark Matter and 98% of the observed mass of the Universe.

This media naturally shields electrons as well and provides a clear explanation for static electricity.  I also anticipate that asymmetry in our particle universe is a natural result of mathematically imperfect tetrahedral packing that selectively chooses our electron.

What we think we are doing here on our bread board is pumping electrons out of this dark matter medium through a gate in order to produce brake horsepower.  The bread board you see in this video is putting out 300 volts and 50 amps or twenty horsepower.  Additional simplification has moved this up to fifty horsepower. Even better it appears that this electron flow is radiating differently than conventional electron flow, best described for now as cold instead of hot.

The large tube you see is a 1000 watt bulb with a ten inch vacuum tube inside.  We do not power it up but use it to run a spark driven by the transformer at around 50,000 volts.  This produces a smooth ribbon of electrons that glows with a blue light.  I suspect that the photons form a sheath to neutralize the electrons and that the photons are coherent as well.  If this turns out to be correct, we have an important discovery on that alone.

However this is about dark matter as well.  Once we shut this bulb down the vacuum will continue to glow in a dark room for nine hours before the trapped photon energy is finally discharged.  At the same time, the temperature of the tube using a laser thermometer gives us a value below the measuring range of the device itself or -20 degrees C.  However this not what is felt so it is a measurement of the radiation itself which likely lacks a significant distribution spread allowing itself to be detected correctly.  That is why I think it is coherent.  Regardless, we are running a cold spark and the whole system handles 50,000 volts with no noticeable heat.

I consider this as a tentative experimental proof protocol for Dark Matter.  There is little in the way of potential error source here that is not already far fetched.   The tube has scant atoms inside and the glass has been switched out for a high temperature sodium salt glass as well without any change.


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