Monday, October 13, 2014

Sacred Symbols of the Stone Age

Sacred Symbols of the Stone Age

 This is a rather welcome item along with the known occurrences.  We have here thirty symbols that shared common usage during the stone age.  That the distribution is also largely global is also important and supports my contention that information migrated back and forth globally and what was helpful soon was global as well.  My estimate is that it would take about one thousand years.

The mature symbol kit made the jump to other continents when shipping could handle it.

Otherwise this kit is designed for cutting into rock.  Thus we can rely on a stone age interpretation based on recent work with stone age peoples to largely hold true globally.  That is an important idea that will allow convincing interpretations to be made globally.

Sacred Symbols of the Stone Age

October 2, 2014

 Meme: A chart of sacred symbols used during the Stone Age and their prevalence at ancient world sites around the world.

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