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Lenape Migration Into Minnesota

This is important, but most important is the Norse population in Greenland when the colony was abandoned. A number of 4,000 changes everything. It completely changes the choices available to the community once the decission to leave was forced on them.

To start with, available shipping which would be in the form of open fishing boats made an atempt to return to either Iceland or Norway impossible in terms of the multiple trips required.
What was possible was to move totally across Davis Strait to the mouth of Hudson Strait and to accomplish this with a handful of boats bringing everything possible except their herds which would be slaughtered to provide travel rations in the form of dried meat. The distance is around five hundred miles or a couple of days sailing in summer weather. Even at a week on average, it becomes possible to transport 4000 people and all supplies with a handful of boats in one season.
Much more important, once there they had access to huge herds of walruses and seals, to say nothing of whales and ample fishing. Thus, although they had to give up their cattle herds, they could go straight to a deep biological resovoir able to support the population with the obvious intent to move on into the continent itself.
It is also obvious that they knew all about Hudson Bay as well and likely knew other ares of excellent seal and walrus populations. At worst they would simply scout ahead while following the coast line. For the same rasons they did not attempt southward along the atlantic coast because these were then well populated by known hostile populations much to strong for them to challenge. This also meant that game would be seriously depleted there.
Thus the conjecture that the Greenland Norse made it to Lake Winnipeg and Buffalo country is highly plausible. That it was a lage population is also plausible as well. They would not have been challenged by the local hunting band culture lacking significant concentrations. That it may have taken 150 years seems excessive, but that may have been a situation in which they became well settled for a long time before long distance scouting confirmed a direct route into the interior on the west coast of Hudson Bay along the Churchill River in particular. You cannot move off your food supply until it can be readily replaced.
Maintenance of catholicism is much more problematic and should have been well noted by the French who introduced Catholicism into just this country at the same time as the English were setting up their colonies. Whatever was maintained it had to survive 500 years of separation without the benefit of trained clergy. It will be interesting to piece together.


By Myron Paine, Ph.D.

NORSE CATHOLICS have been in America for 1,000 years.
Myron Paine has devoted 14 years of research to Norse Catholics in America.  He started by making a hypothesis:
During the Little Ice Age ancestors of the Lenape-speaking people walked, en masse, on the ice from Norse Greenland to Merica.

When the evidence he found became overwhelmingly positive he created a research orientated web site called Frozen Trail to America.  Then he wrote a pair of books by the same name.  Unlike many other books, these books have a high resale value.

During his research Paine recognized the oldest history in America The Lenape history tells of a 4,000 mile migration that took 150 years.  Paine created a blog, The LENAPE EPIC,  to tell the migration story.

As he deciphered the LENAPE HISTORY, Paine realized that the history shared episodes with the VIKING WATERWAY in western Minnesota.  He created a research blog about the waterway.

During that research Steve Hilgren made a hypothesis that the “Vinland of west” on the Kensington rune stone was really western Minnesota.  The LENAPE word “Wynland” describes land in western Minnesota. So Paine created another educational Blog, WYNLAND of WEST.  On September 28, 1213, he and Karl Hoenke took a bus load of people to look at the evidence.  When they knew the story, two people on the bus recognized other evidence of Norse presence in western Minnesota.

 As the research evidence became more convincing Paine created yet another blog: the PARADIGM SHIFT. He advocates that the paradigm shift has already begun.  When viewers look at the evidence on his web site and the five blogs, they, too, will realize that the Norse Catholics have been trying to live in peace in North America for a thousand years.

The “Columbus was first” paradigm, along with “pagan savages “paradigm, were employed by the 17th century English to cover up and erase their horrendous acts against humanity. The 17th century English profoundly distorted the American history, which is taught in our schools to this day.

Myron Paine, Ph. D., Author

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