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Is this the Loch Ness monster? Creature photographed 150 miles from home

This picture is weird and that back is impossible. And of course it attempts to conform to the mythical nessie as well. I imagine we will have another tale next year. I really smells like a set up. Notice the lack OF movement as well.

We have spent some effort in this blog constructing both a plausible sea serpent and pleiosaur life way that could account for some sightings. Both are difficut to demonstrate at best though and phony photos are not helpful.

Worse I have recently read material that reported two separate daylight observations of sea serpents at sea that were completely convincing. Upon sending out a pursuit vessal, it was discovered that they were dealing with masses of seaweed only. That means that almost all such reports can be dismissed unless closeup of which we have a couple that now leap into real importance in terms of authenticity.

Even one close up I have read could be an early morning ground swell rolling a mass of seaweed over along side. Addc blurry eyes and a touch of imagination and surprise and we have it.

Is this the Loch Ness monster? Creature photographed in lake - 150 miles from home

By Martin Bagot

Photographer Elle Williams captured this strange image of a creature from the deep while taking snaps at a Lake District beauty spot

Is this the Loch Ness monster – spotted 150 miles from its traditional home?

Photographer Ellie Williams captured this amazing image of what she believes to be a creature from the deep while taking snaps in the Lake District.

The 24-year-old had set up her camera tripod to automatically take photos throughout the day at Windermere.

It was only when she reviewed the images, which were supposed to be of the colours of the changing seasons, that she came across the shocking snap.

Ellie, from London, said: “When I set up at Lake Windermere it was business as usual to take some lovely photos of the wildlife around the lake.

"When I reviewed all the images I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as I was looking at the image on my smartphone.

I’m open to suggestions as to what the creature could be – I’m just glad I put the camera in the right place at the right time.”

It is not the first time an underwater beast has been spotted in the Lake District.

There have been several sightings of a monster, dubbed Bownessie, reported in Windermere before.

The first sighting was in 2006 and since then the Lake District lizard, described as a snake-like beast with humps, has appeared several more times.

James Ebdon, of Autographer camera company, said: “On closer look we thought it could be a larger animal like a horse with a saddle pack or something.

"Then we wondered if it was an old giant eel or catfish as seen on TV documentaries.

"Initially we were excited, then sceptical, and then we started laughing.

"Who knows what it is - maybe some kids messing about - whatever it is we will leave it to the experts.”

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