Saturday, October 25, 2014

Evidence of Asian Carp Found in Michigan river



  At the end of the day, i do not think we can win this one.  At the same time i would like to see several salmon species also introduced into the lake.  We have the fresh water adapted species out west and the potential of the Great lakes is huge.  It all feeds into a massive Great Lakes Restoration program.

Until now the great lakes have been fished out and also used as an industrial dumping pond.  Thjis depleted environment is now home to a number of discordant invasives who all need a massive healthy ecosystem to keep them in check.

Many will howl over this prescription but going backward is not an option.

Evidence of Asian carp found in Michigan river

Invasive Asian carp species threaten to ruin the sport and commercial fisheries of the Great Lakes. Federal government action is slow.

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