Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coptic Christians compelled to pay Islamic head-tax


 This tax never had any place in properly balanced rule of law or any form of ethical governance and is insulting.  That it is still cranked out speaks highly regarding the continuing malaise of Egyptian society which has never recovered it principal status as economic powerhouse under the Romans.

Worse, Egypt continues to be a hotbed of rabid Islamism. Until that all changes and that means education of women and the criminalization of the Islamic Brotherhood and their fellow running dogs, this all cannot change.

Egypt is a 100,000,000 people in which 50,000,000 are effectively second class citizens and unable to fully participate in economic life. This will not have a good ending.

Egypt: Coptic Christians compelled to pay Islamic head-tax
In the Egyptian village of al-Qusiya, approximately 150 miles south of Cairo along the Nile River and the strategic Cairo-Asyut pipeline, Coptic Christian families were forced to barricade themselves within their own homes after a gang of Muslims attacked them for not paying the ‘jizya’: a tax once generally imposed by Muslim countries, according to the tenets of Islam, on members of the Christian and Jewish faiths. The gang is led by Ahmed  Kamel Zaawila.  The town lies north of Asyut, which has the highest concentration of Coptic Christians of any city in the country. In ancient times, al-Qusiya was known as the Greek city of Cusae, while Asyut was known as Lykopolis.
This most recent episode of violence is the most serious intimidation suffered by Christians in al-Qusiya at the hands of the Zaawila clan. So far, at least twenty complaints lodged by Christians have been met with apparent indifference on the part of local police. The members of the Fahmy family – Coptic Christians – appealed directly to Muhammad Ibrahim, who is currently serving as head of the Ministry of Interior. The fears on the part of Christians were piqued when clan leader Ahmed Zaawila phoned one of them directly from prison and demanded that they desist in lodging complaints. He reportedly told them, nonetheless, that any complaints to the police would fall on deaf ears.

 The jizya imposed upon Coptic Christians by Muslims has increased alarmingly at Asyut. According to the Fides news service, Coptic Catholic Bishop Anba Kyrillos William of Asyut said "The victims of such harassment are mostly wealthy Copts families, with members who have earned a lot working in Kuwait or in other foreign countries. The criminals have no scruples, also because they find pseudo-religious justifications for their behavior, being convinced that it is permissible for a Muslim to steal the goods of Christians. Christians instead in some cases are uncertain whether to denounce the payment of taxes or to shut up and pay. The effect is that this type of crime increases. At the same time, in some cases it has been proved that the extortionists have paid bribes to some police officers in order to secure impunity".

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