Friday, September 12, 2014

Obama turned Tail with Sarah Palin

 Sarah Palin at Western Conservative Summit


 Is there really a better way to describe Obama's concept of a foreign policy reset.  I think that Sarah is clearly finding her voice and she certainly is not going to shy away from hard language that sugar coats nothing.

Obama's utter failure has now seriously worsened the Islamic threat itself and that actually took some doing.  Foreign Policy Rule #1 is to never leave a power vacuum.  Fully exiting Iraq as he did, did just that.  The government in place has drawn into itself and the Shia community and has avoided the Sunni areas.  USA trip wire forces could have blocked ISIS spillover into Iraq.  Any fool can figure this out.

Now we are going back with a sacrificial force that will likely not have the weight to do what is necessary or at least i hope not, but the numbers are not encouraging.

Otherwise for Obama, it is politics as usual and any petty war lord can run circles around him.

Sarah Palin Pens Tremendous Response To Obama’s ISIS Speech

"For the sake of peace-loving people in America and throughout the world..."


In a speech Wednesday evening, Barack Obama presented his plan for dealing with the threat posed by Islamic State, the terror network also known as ISIS. He confirmed that further military action is necessary in Iraq and Syria, once again vowing to take action with or without congressional approval.

For all of his rhetorical posturing as a strong leader, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin pointed out the dearth of substance behind his words in a Facebook post she wrote after the speech.

“War is hell,” she began. “So go big or go home, Mr. President. Big means bold, confident, wise assurance from a trustworthy Commander-in-Chief that it shall be worth it. Charge in, strike hard, get out. Win.”
Such a strategy, she noted, is not congruent with his previous reaction to international threats.
“Tonight he announced he’s flipped and will finally militarily engage inside Syria,” she wrote “—the red line he’d set and then forgotten about surfaced again.”
In the interim, Palin noted, a civil war in the nation had left 200,000 dead and millions more homeless. It was Obama’s weak foreign policy that helped foster the formation and proliferation of strong terrorist cells in the region, she asserted.
“The rise of the animalistic terror group, ISIS, is the result of Obama’s lead-from-behind foreign policy,” she wrote. “He had broadcast his war strategy for all the enemy to see in Iraq, so the enemy could wait us out and strike as soon as America turned tail and turned away from all we’d sacrificed there.”
If he has truly learned from his previous mistakes and changed course, Palin urged Obama to take decisive action against ISIS – beginning with his recognition that, in the terrorists’ eyes, they are doing the work their faith commands.
“Go big and be real, Mr. President,” she wrote, “if you’ve really changed your mind again and now wish to engage. You must acknowledge reality: the organization calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is, in fact, ‘Islamic.’ Not many of us pretend to be experts on the Muslim religion, but these terrorists obviously consider themselves Muslim and they believe what they’re horrifically doing to innocents is part of their ‘religion of peace.’”
Identifying and impeding the spread of this threat in the Middle East and beyond must be Obama’s primary objective, she concluded.
“ISIS must be stopped in Iraq and Syria before we need to stop them anywhere else,” she wrote. “As they dominate the region they head for us; we’re next on the hit list. For the sake of peace-loving people in America and throughout the world, let’s hope Barack Obama means what he says when he uses terms like ‘defeating ISIS.’”


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