Thursday, September 4, 2014

Melanoma Testimony









Sometimes we need to be reminded just what it is all about.  You want to wake up every morning like this man to truly enjoy the day.  That it is completely possible at the age of 88 is what he shows us.  Even if disease suddenly takes him, he will not have wasted his time.
That he spends eight hours working in his garden is also something that will be our human future.  The skills of youth fade and even become obsolete, but growing a rich healthy garden loaded with food is always a welcome activity and allows one to gift those around one.   
 Even if you do live under a death sentence try to do as much and it will be much better.

Melanoma Testimony


“My 88 year old father, sufferer of skin cancer, two melanomas, and prostate cancer made the empowering decision to take his health back. Without my guidance, he found your website. Now on a clean diet, iodine supplementation, Magnesium oil, using your bi-carbonate of soda protocols, use of Amazonian black salve to remove the squamous cell cancers and on two melanomas along with Essiac tea he has turned his health on! His skin is actually clearing up after twenty years of battle. He also ditched all his pharmaceuticals! So he is playing golf and tennis and gardening eight hours a day, in his words "I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning.” Thank you from the both of us.”

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