Here is a real oddity.  We can speculate on the expansion of the spirit to alter the atmosphere. Or perhaps this is a way to provide confirmation that the physicality of our spirit is real and can easily affect the physical around us.

We have already understood that the information content of our spirit is orders of magnitude greater than the information content of our physical reality  Thus i now have a far deeper respect for my own spirit and no longer dismiss it out of hand simply because i cannot touch it with my fingers.  how blind we can be.

For all that, without directly meeting Adam he has shared something very important that i would never have thought possible, yet now we can contemplate just that.  GFor now this truly one of a kind and additional witnesses would have to be discovered before we go further.  Yet there is also a lesson here.  A group of folks sharing a spiritual circle can expand their spiritual envelop to impact the weather or at least the overcast sky.  that is a great way to get a sun tan and multiple witnesses.

Greetings Arclein,
I thought you might enjoy this true story of cloud interaction.
Circle in the Sky
This is a true story. Many years ago, in the early 1980’s, I was visiting my relatives in Eastern Massachusetts. They had constructed a vacation house next to a nature sanctuary that had been the dwelling place of native Indians in centuries past. One night, after dinner, I felt like taking a walk so I grabbed my guitar and headed down the path to the nature sanctuary. On my way to the sacred grounds, I observed that the sky was completely overcast, not threatening of rain, but a dense gray cloud covering the entire area. Upon entering the woods, I walked down a path that led me into a beautiful clearing. I found a comfortable rock to sit upon while I contemplated life, the universe, and everything. I wondered what life must have been like for the natives that lived here so long ago. Feeling called by the muse, I picked up my guitar and began to strum away, creating a simple song about those earlier inhabitants. The music just seemed to flow out of me in a stream of consciousness, the words capturing the essence of their lives.
After about 10 minutes, and feeling the warm glow of creative expression, I looked up in the sky.

Directly above me, where there had been only clouds, was a perfect circle in the sky. My first thought was, “Wow, I guess there was something to those rain dances after all!” I stared at the opening in the sky for  in total reverence for the profoundly metaphysical experience I was having while at the same time trying to figure out what was happening. Having a perfect hole open up directly above you in the sky while you’re playing guitar is not your’ everyday kind of experience. I wanted to know how this had happened. “Did the vibration of the music cause this?” I wondered. “Are clouds alive?” I asked. “Maybe heaven really is in the clouds and the spirits up there wanted to give me sign.” I pondered. “Hmmm, the sound hole in the guitar is round so maybe the clouds are imitating the roundness of the sound hole.” I theorized. After a few more thought on how something like this could happen, I felt like I was part of a miracle. As I sat and pondered what had happened, the sky slowly closed back up.

I walked slowly back to the vacation house where my cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents were relaxing and enjoying the comfortable evenings weather. As I walked into the room, they greeted me and asked how my walk was. I said, “You’ll never believe what just happened” I exclaimed.

“I was playing guitar in the nature sanctuary and a circle in the sky opened up above me while I was playing!” They looked at me kind of funny and someone asked if I was on drugs. “No, I’m totally sober. I was making up a song about the native Indians who used to live here and after about 10 minutes, I looked up in the sky and there was a clear place where it has been totally overcast before. It was shaped in a perfectly round circle.” They made a few jokes about what had happened and then resumed watching TV and playing cards. The only one who seemed interested in what had happened was my cousin. He genuinely believed me and was curious about this unusual phenomenon that I had experienced. We sat outside and talked for a while about native spirituality, earth wisdom, and what is the true nature of reality.

Whenever I tell this story, I get a variety of responses but they basically fall into three categories.

The first category is people who believe that what I experienced was real and that there was a sense of connectedness and causality between playing music and opening up the sky. The second category is people who believe that what I experienced was real but reject the idea that there was any causality or connection between playing music and opening up the sky. 

My need to convince them of what I see as an interrelated experience seems to be as strong as their need to reject any causality. To them I ask, “So how do you explain a perfect circle opening up directly above me? Have you ever heard of something like this or seen this happening?”

To me, it’s not an issue of ego. It’s not like, “Hey, I’m the big deal here who can open up the sky. Look what I can do!” The central issue here is one of what is possible. Conventional mentality says that people can’t open up big circles in overcast skies. Clouds gather and part naturally according to weather patterns. The science of meteorology has evolved to a point where we can predict storms. Of course that’s all true. But perfect circles don’t magically open up directly above you, do they?
This was my first experience with unusual phenomena. Before, life had always made rational sense with logical explanations for things. I still believe that there is an explanation for everything that happens but we may just not understand what it is at the time.