Monday, March 31, 2014

Triangulating the Afterlife

When you have actually encountered the afterlife as an engaged witness through what is now described as luminous dreaming or envisaging one is left completely convinced regarding the actual reality of the experience and of the actual reality of the afterlife itself.   I speak from the experience of having such an experience one afternoon a couple of years ago while napping.

My experience at the time included walking toward a lit farm similar to the farm I grew up on and entering that farm while observing vegetation and several planted vegetable beds as well.  Most important I noted that the spectrum had shifted upwards into deeper yellows.  This was like no dream that I had ever had.

I entered the home and encountered my mother.  I chose not to directly communicate but that is actually consistent in terms of our earthly relationship so this was not a time for catching up.  I actively tried to observe as much as I could.  Most unusual though is that my mother’s hair style was reminiscent of that of the late eighteenth century court.  My mother had never worn such a style in my own remembrance.  As well I noted the presence of a newspaper that I recognized and assumed that the intent was to show me that such information was available in the afterlife. I came away with new facts and clarity that this was the abode of my mother who passed away over forty years ago.

This past week my daughter who is sensitive to communicating with spirits and is advancing this skill did some work with a Reiki Master.  Without the entire back story, she was able to open actual direct communication with my mother.  Way more important however is that the Reiki Master was able to see the spirits in attendance and identified a woman aged 45 to 50 who was wearing a bouffant hairstyle that my daughter thought immediately was my mother. 

It was not until I thought about what I had been told for a while that I connected the dots and realized that the proper description for my mother’s hairstyle is bouffant although my mother used the sixties phrase of beehive hairstyle.  What this all means is that we actually succeeded in triangulating the afterlife with two separate observations carefully set up by my mother in the afterlife to ensure that the conclusion was essentially inescapable.  My daughter did not understand the import of the word beehive in terms of hair styling.

It is hard to set up proofs like this but it is certainly worthwhile.  Most important it has become possible to directly communicate through my daughter in particular with a specific spirit to gain information.  This is as close the revelations of Swedenborg as I have come.

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