Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cattle Mutilations

It is plausible that some cattle mutilations are caused by natural attacks from an unidentified creature such as my posited gargoyle.  Yet ten thousand animals over several years mostly demonstrating surgical sampling techniques is nothing of the sort.

More important however in this report is that we get confirmation of alien monitoring of our communications.  I have suspected as much simply because it is a natural to need to establish ground truth.

It is thus clear that aliens are testing our environment through the sampling of cattle specifically and possibly gathering other information.  We can also presume operatives as well.  Thus the steady increase in UFO sightings over the past half century is supporting a steadily increasing involvement with Earth.

Cattle Mutilations

- Gasconade County – The rancher found his 6-year old healthy Black Angus cow that was pregnant dead on the morning of September 6, 2013, at 9 AM. He had gone to his ranch to check on his cattle as he normally does every day when he noticed that the entire herd was standing in a circle looking at something. He approached, the herd dispersed, and he saw a cow lying on the ground with her head facing east and her legs pointing north. The animal was still warm to the touch, the blood had not clotted, and rigor had not set in yet, so he estimated that the animal had been dead only four to six hours. The witness said that it is not normal to find a cow dead with all four legs pointing straight. 

The witness then called the Gasconade County Sheriff, who sent a deputy to the location to take a report. The deputy said that the cow obviously did not die of natural causes. 
MUTILATION: The rancher took photos of the animal, then checked and found that the tongue had been cut out below the esophagus, which he said would be very difficult to do even for a trained person. He searched for bullet holes but found none, and then skinned the skull area in order to determine if there was a bullet hole but found none, nor was there a hole in the neck. Two teats were cut off, and a large section of the head around the jaw was removed with hide, muscle, and tissue gone, including the gums, and very little blood was found on the site. He could find no scratches or cut marks on the bone. There was also a cut out section in the vaginal area. The witness, who has veterinary training and worked in a meat packing plant, said that the cuts were made with surgical precision. 

Sheriffs in New Mexico and Colorado report the more than ten thousand cattle mutilations of were accomplished during the last several years. Usually lights are seen that appear 150 feet in width and 150 feet in length or disc shaped. Little sound if any is heard although some report a small lawn mower sound. Using night scopes observers were able to see aircraft leaving and entering an orange light. The craft apparently mark the cattle for mutilation with fluorescent markings not seen by the human eye, but can be seen in ultraviolet light.  Virtually all the cattle are four years old or heifers. Animals had clamps put on their legs leaving bruises but this evidence was reported in the local news and to the local authorities. The mutilators quickly changed their tactics and picked the cattle up by their hoofs leaving less evidence to be discovered. Generally eyes, ears, mouths, rectums are precisely cut but the valuable meat is left alone. The blood is usually removed.

Linda Howe also reports a spate of cattle mutilations which have occurred on the property of Nebraska rancher Alex Peterson. He recounted how two of his cows were found dead with various strange incisions and organs missing. A third cow, he said, was alive but seemed to be injured and was put down and tested toxins, but the findings came back completely normal. A week later, Peterson found another mutilated cow with its head stuck in a small hole in the ground and, after pulling the cow out, Peterson saw intact spider webs in the hole. The undisturbed spider webs, the lack of dirt in the cow's mouth or nose, and the angle of the body led him to surmise that the animal had to have been dropped from the air.

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