Thursday, September 2, 2010

UFO Observed on Mission

This is a rather detailed and clear eye witness report that we can pay attention to.  First off it is completely new in terms of the observed detail and the observers had the UFO under observation over several minutes allowing some continuity and confirmation time.  You could not really ask for a better event than what we get here.

A result of that is that we can trust the material.

The location itself is conveniently remote and this is no accidental occurrence.  This lake has likely been habitually used before.

The interlopers arrive and immediately deploy as per task which may simply be sampling or even recharging water.  This is not unreasonable and it appears to be intelligible.

I have seen no prior report describing these creatures, but I have not reviewed such claims for some years.  They appear to have limbs modified for work in low gravity.

The two ships are floating in the water and the size represented describes a vessel that has plenty of volume.  If the apparent thickness is indicative of three working levels then there is plausibly as much as 9000 square feet of living and operational space in this craft.

It is observed that a number of crew have come out on top and are moving about.  This is similar to a report some years back in the Indonesian archipelago.

Unlike the majority of these sightings, this is close and in full daylight providing an uncontested opportunity to observe the situation.  The observers had a chance to settle down and to make repeated observations cancelling out typical discrepancies.

The craft itself conforms to the requirements of a MEV (magnetic exclusion vessel) as I have described in my article on the reverse engineering of a UFO.  The shock wave suggests that the craft broke into subsonic as they approached the lake which suggests a pretty relaxed attitude on the part of the pilot.

Then we have evidence of time loss and possible intervention when the observers were detected.  This is the one component that has also occurred in other similar situations and is not new to our package of evidence.

We have an excellent report that should be carefully followed up with experts in extracting memories since we have evidence of memory tampering albeit a very incomplete attempt.  In fact, my sense here is that the crew and pilot were generally very sloppy and this suggests to me that there is a general slackening taking place as if it is not going to matter much longer.  I have actually felt that this may be the case for some time.

Dr. Gary Ignacio and his wife, Phyllis, were boating on North Conway Lake, in New Hampshire, near the North Conway mines, on Friday May 13, 1998.

They had both paddled into a deep hidden green canyon, entering between enormous boulders which formed a narrow granite gateway.

They had been there before and had made love in the windblown wild flowers in a field.

They had pulled the silver metal boat up onto the narrow gravel and stone beach shadowed by overhanging willows and had a cold lunch of chicken and white wine.

It had been a pristine landscape to wander in and dream.

Soon they had felt the air vibrate strongly like an explosion's aftershock. It seemed to have come from just the other side of the canyon.

"What in God's name was that?" Phyllis had asked. 

Her husband had answered, "I'll bet it's a shockwave from a dynamite explosion at the North Conway mine." 

"But there was no sound, and we're miles and miles from the mine." 

He had thought for a moment, " You know, you're damned right." 

He had climbed the boulder behind him and he had said, "It was behind us; I should be able to figure out what has happened if I can see out over the lake from up there." 

"You'll probably just fall and kill yourself," his wife had warned. 

After hard climbing he had reached the top which was split and he could look out through a sharp cleft in the rock.

Two large, shiny, round craft floated on the water just beyond the narrow entrance to the cove.

What he had seen was so unbelievable that his jaw had fallen wide open despite himself; he had scrambled down to get his wife.

It had been his expression more than anything that had persuaded her to quickly follow him back up the steep climb for a look at what had transfixed and had done that to his face.

Both had climbed to the well hidden perspective.

Both craft were fifty to sixty feet wide, about twenty feet thick at the center and fifteen feet thick at the rim. Round, black-edged ports covered the rim at a distance of every four feet.

On the top sides, hatch covers were open and moving slowly around its surface were spindly creatures who moved in unison like robots.

 Their movement were quick like jumping spiders.

On both ships entities had moved in unison involved in tasks and over their heads from a central position had been a slowly rotating hoop-shaped object. 

When the hoop had reached a point directly opposite the husband and wife it had stopped. So had the creatures. They had stared toward the couple's hiding place and had remained totally motionless. 

The husband had pulled at his wife's dress, "Jesus, God, in Heaven, get down!"

Both quickly had.

They had been sure that the creatures had spotted them.

They had hidden until they had noticed that a deer below had come to the water's edge to drink. They had hoped that the strange creatures had been watching the deer and they had risen for another look.

The hoop was rotating once more, operated by a creature standing below it, who wore a small, scarlet head covering. All were small and wore close-fitting dark suits and blue helmets. 

One creature had placed a shiny green hose in the water, drawing in water and at the same time had discharged something from another hose. 

Again the hoop had stopped and all the figures had frozen. They had stared toward the couple on the rock.

Husband and wife had ducked and had counted to thirty before they had inched up for another look.

Two hours later, dazed and confused, missing time, the couple had ambled back into their boat and had headed for home.

They had both been grim faced and neither one had spoken for the whole trip back, and the further they had traveled from the lake, the more their amnesia of the incident had grown.

He had awoken in a sweat from a nightmare. The stars had been bright against the blackness of the night sky.

That night, as his son had slept, he had stolen into the bedroom and had removed three books by J.M.Barrie; he had felt strongly protective and oddly repulsed by the idea of 
Peter Pan, a never-aging figure who comes down from the sky and floats children out of their bedroom, accompanied by a little ball of light: Tinkerbell. 


Gary Arnold Fowler said...

Um .. video? How about a video to go with this story? Otherwise it's just science fiction.

arclein said...

It is asking the impossible to obtain video in a true eye witness report. This case shares a lot of exceptional detail. The only thing that i could ask for is a third party sympathetic interview with the observer to place him properly at the scene.

There have been tens of thousands of sightings, but only a hand full anywhere approaching the quality of this report.

Any report by itself can be fiction, but that is unlikely for a larger mass of vetted reports.

In the meantime, the odd parts here match certain other reports just as compelling and this lends to credibility.

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